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Why Our IQ Test?

Our exclusive IQ test stands as the most scientifically credible free IQ assessment accessible online at present.

Once exclusively reserved for corporations, educational institutions, and certified professional use, this test is now accessible to you. Beyond delivering your complimentary general IQ, we provide an optional in-depth analysis of your score, presenting your proficiency in 13 distinct intelligence domains, unveiling your primary cognitive strengths and areas for improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions about IQ Tests

What is an IQ test?

An IQ test, short for Intelligence Quotient, measures your intelligence level and quantifies it as a numerical value. It's an estimation subject to a certain degree of measurement error. To determine your IQ, individuals typically undergo an intelligence test that evaluates various cognitive abilities.

What does a good IQ score entail?

The average IQ score is set at 100, serving as a benchmark. Your personal score indicates how your intelligence compares to this average. Scores are based on comparisons with a norm group, offering insight into where your IQ stands relative to others. Most scores fall between 85 and 115.

Around 2% of the population holds IQ scores below 69, which can be challenging to measure accurately using conventional intelligence tests. Similarly, very high scores, exceeding 150, are also challenging to pinpoint precisely due to limited reference measurements.

Can one practice for IQ tests?

Practicing IQ tests doesn't inherently enhance intelligence, but it can potentially elevate your performance on assessments, such as job-related tests. We offer various free IQ tests in our IQ tests section, especially beneficial for preparation in assessments.

What types of IQ tests exist?

Classic IQ tests encompass questions related to numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, verbal intelligence, and spatial intelligence. Non-verbal IQ tests, primarily assessing abstract reasoning—be it inductive or deductive—fall under this category. The latter, known as culture-fair tests, aims to minimize language or cultural biases.

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Average IQ Scores By Country

Country IQ
6Dominican Republic120
Country IQ
13Burkina Faso107.33
14Congo Republic106.8
15New Caledonia106
19San Marino102
20Sierra Leone102
Country IQ
21Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)102
23French Polynesia102
24The Gambia102
30Taiwan Republic of China (ROC)99.25
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