Discover Your Intelligence Level: Take Our Free IQ Test Today

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Answer the following 20 questions. Once you've completed the answers, the result will be displayed instantly.
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1. One out of the five is the least similar to the other four.

What is an IQ Test:

An IQ test is a set of questions through which you can approximate your intelligence quotient. These questions are scientifically designed to assess various levels of intelligence, so you'll find some that seem very easy and straightforward for you, while others may appear challenging.

This test comprises 20 diverse questions. Try to concentrate and thoroughly examine each question before answering. If you feel unsure about the logic of a question and its answer, skip it to avoid forming a mistaken impression about your intelligence level. It's preferable to take this test when you're alert, in a comfortable setting, and with good concentration.

A definition in IQ testing - Intelligence Quotient Test:

The development of various intelligence tests took place in the 20th century. These tests are based on a diverse range of tasks and questions that individuals must solve as quickly as possible. Tasks used in standard intelligence tests include mathematical, logical, verbal, pictorial, numerical, and abstract concept-based questions.

The final test score is calculated with an intelligence quotient (IQ), determined by comparing an individual's performance with the overall performance of a group within the same age category. The final result is presented as a number called the Intelligence Quotient or IQ score, typically ranging between 70 and 130 for most individuals. Those scoring above 100 are considered to have an above-average intelligence, while individuals scoring below 70 are considered to have below-average intelligence. However, it's emphasized that IQ test results don’t constitute a comprehensive measure of an individual's intelligence and do not consider many factors that influence an individual's overall mental performance

Discover Your Intelligence Level: Take Our Free IQ Test Today